What is DALI?

The omnipresence of data in European citizens’ daily lives requires the ability to competently navigate this so-called datafied society. Adult education holds the potential to reach a large part of the population and to support adult learners on their journey to be data literate. The DALI project aims to contribute to this journey by creating resources that can be used to foster data literacy in local, regional and European contexts.

DALI addresses the basic training of data literacy for adult learners in non-formal contexts, through the co-creation, piloting, and evaluation of pedagogical strategies and a toolkit of games and playful learning resources. By taking a playful approach we attempt to increase learning demand and take-up through effective outreach, guidance and motivational strategies.

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The main objectives

  • to provide an overview of the state of the field of research on data literacy
  • to formulate a general framework for understanding data literacy
  • to identify the data literacy needs of the target user groups (young adults, general adults, seniors)
  • to define a set flexible pedagogical strategies based on a networked playful learning approach, fostering the development of adult’s data literacy in a variety of non-formal contexts.
  • to deliver a multilingual toolkit that comprises playful and game-based resources
  • to develop a framework for the implementation of the learning materials and the toolkit in different contexts
  • to develop a set of policy recommendations for the development of a European Data Literacy framework for citizens
  • to develop a set of guidelines that serve other adult education institutions to address the topic of data literacy through educational measures.

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