IO1: Mapping Data and Algorithmic Literacy

This IO is devoted to mapping data and algorithmic literacy by identifying the key competences – knowledge, skills and attitudes or dispositions – that citizens need to develop in order to gain awareness of the role of data in society, protect themselves and others, and be empowered to make informed decisions when interacting with the current digital media ecosystem. The IO will produce a scoping review, a framework for data literacy for citizens, target group  (young adults, adults, seniors) profiles, and a repository of existing data literacy activities and resources.

IO2: DALI Learning Approach

IO2 is dedicated to defining, shaping and developing the DALI’s pedagogical approach.  The main objective of the output is to design a set of playful and flexible pedagogical strategies specifically conceived to foster the development of adult’s data-literacy, based on the previously created framework (IO1), in a variety of  non-formal contexts. These strategies will be based on a Game-based Networked Learning Approach, which will be defined during the process, and will use the ACAD (Activity Centered Analysis and Design) framework as a structure.  The work in IO2 and IO3 are complementary resulting in the creation of consistent holistic learning strategies that foster adult  learning.

IO3: DALI Playful Learning Toolkit

This IO focuses on the design and production of a set of games and tools specifically designed to facilitate playful learning experiences that help adults develop data and algorithmic literacy skills. Directly informed by IO2, it will materialise the pedagogical strategies defined by the project into a kit of playful learning resources, with versions of some of the games tailored to the particular needs and characteristics of target groups: young adults, general adults, and seniors. The co-creation process will be based on the holistic model for game-based learning design of the GameChangers initiative ( and will result in various mini-games, escaped boxes and a board game.

IO4: Implementation framework

Within this IO the development of a methodological framework for the implementation of the Toolkit is carried out, which also includes a facilitators’ guide and learning materials for the relevant target groups. This includes analysing the conditions of the implementation of the DALI outputs and creating a report that shares knowledge about the implementation of those products in as many different contexts and target groups as possible (based on experience acquired during DALI).

IO5: Policy recommendations and guidelines

This IO collates results from the preceding intellectual outputs in order to develop a set of policy recommendations for the development of a European Data Literacy framework for citizens, including young adults, adults, and seniors, as well as a set of guidelines that serve adult education institutions interested in addressing the topic of data and algorithmic literacy through educational measures.