In a society increasingly driven by data and marked by rapid advancements in human-technology interactions, the significance of data literacy is becoming more pronounced.  The DALI project offers recommendations, from macro-level policy suggestions to guidelines for educators, aimed at promoting data literacy within our communities, based on a literature review on data literacy and input from stakeholders from Norway, Germany, Spain and the UK.

Macro-level Policy Recommendations

1. Prioritize Open Access to Data

2. Enforce Data Protection Laws

3. Raise Awareness

4. Invest in Public Education

5. Collaborate and Dedicate Funding

Meso-level Policy Recommendations

1. Offer Multidisciplinary Education

2. Reflect on Ethical Use of Data

3. Promote Digital Literacy

4. Design and Implement Inclusive Workshops

5. Foster Interest in Digital Data

Guidelines for Educators

1. Request Training in Data Literacy Tools and Frameworks

2. Leverage Game-based Learning and Open Data

3. Interconnect Literacies

Download the full recommendations in English, Spanish, German and Norwegian