The Erasmus+ Project Data Literacy for Citizenship (DALI) is reaching its end, and to showcase the outcomes, a Learning, Teaching and Training (LLT) event was held in Bergen on the 12th, 13th and 14th September. The main goal of DALI has been to empower adults for responsible citizenship/civic engagement by providing strategies to enhance data literacy

The Center for the Science of Learning and Technology (SLATE) hosted the transnational event at the University of Bergen, which brought together adult educators and other stakeholders from Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom and Norway, as well as the DALI partners. The main objectives for the event were (1) to introduce the final versions of the DALI games that have been created to empower adults to data literacy, (2) to train potential facilitators who could be interested in using these games in future learning situations, and (3) to gather our partners and other stakeholders to talk about data literacy in general and the related policy recommendations.

In addition to playtesting sessions with the DALI games, the LTT-event provided workshops introducing  the DALI data literacy framework, the GameChangers remixing approach to prototyping games, and the DALI playful learning support materials, including the DALI handbook and facilitator guides, and the DALI policy recommendations. The three days in Bergen were packed with activities that all required contributions from the participants, who all rose to the challenge by engaging in playful, creative and critical dialogues while initiating fruitful and forward-leaning discussions, making the event an inspiring experience for all parties.

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